March 2007 – Inlaid bronze ‘Tapir’ (‘Warring States’ period, 475-221 BC) – ‘Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art’ set a world record for early Chinese bronzes, with the sale of this extremely rare inlaid bronze tapir at TEFAF 2007. This wine pourer, made in the 4th century BC, was beautifully inlaid with gold and turquoise and measuring an impressive hight of 26.5 centimeter. This early bronze, with an asking price of $12m, is one of only two bronzes of this refinement known to exist, the other one is in the ‘National Palace Museum’ in Taipei (Taiwan).

James Hennessy: “We are delighted that the tapir has found a Chinese collector and we are delighted that TEFAF now holds the world’s record price for an archaic Chinese bronze”.

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'Warring States' inlaid bronze 'Tapir'