TEFAF Maastricht 2023 – ‘Chinese Lacquer’ & ‘Archaic Chinese Bronzes & Metalwares’

“Chinese Lacquer”


“Archaic Chinese Bronzes & Metalwares”


After 8 years, ‘Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art’ will be returning to TEFAF Maastricht with an exhibition showcasing some of the best Asian art from important private collections.


Two catalogues will each present an auspicious 8 works of art in all their splendour: 8 important works of ‘Chinese Lacquer’, as well as 8 ‘Archaic and Early Chinese Bronzes’.

Links to the catalogues:

‘Chinese Lacquer’

‘Archaic Chinese Bronzes & Metalwares’


‘Chinese Lacquer’

A widely exhibited and published group of early and imperial lacquerware from an important private Asian collection, previously in ‘The Mike Healy Collection of Chinese Lacquer’, many of which were bought from Bluett & Sons and other important dealers.

This group consists of early lacquer from the Song and Yuan dynasty, including a rare octagonal red lacquer ‘bird’ plate (Yuan dynasty, 14th century) [image 1] marked ‘Zhang Cheng’, one of the most famous lacquer carvers of the Yuan period as well as imperial wares from the early Ming dynasty; a superbly carved red lacquer ‘peony’ box (Ming dynasty, Yongle mark and period, 1403-1424) [image 2] and an important carved red lacquer cup stand (Ming dynasty, Yongle mark and period, 1403-1424) [image 3], to name a few.


Image 1a & 1b

A superbly carved red lacquer ‘peony’ box (Yongle mark and period, 1403-1424)Image 2

Image 3

‘Archaic Chinese Bronzes & Metalwares’

Furthermore, the gallery will show a collection of archaic and early Chinese bronzes, including an important pagoda-shaped bronze food vessel, ‘Fang Yi’ (Shang dynasty, 11th century B.C.) [image 4], an inscribed bronze sword, attributed to the Son of the famous King of the Kingdom of Yue, Wang Goujian (early Warring States Period, 4th century B.C.) [image 5] and an inscribed bronze food vessel, ‘Fang Gui’ (Mid-Western Zhou dynasty, 9th century B.C.) [image 6].

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Further Highlights include;

A rare small gilt-bronze image of Avalokitesvara (Ming dynasty, early 15th century, Xuande period 1426-1435)
Dimensions: 13.3 cm high


A gilt-bronze image of Mahakala (Tibeto-Chinese, Ming dynasty, 15th century)
Dimensions: 22.5 cm high


A celadon jade reclining horse with brown mottling (late Ming dynasty, 17th century)
Dimensions: 23cm long, 8cm high


TEFAF Maastricht 2023

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