‘Later Chinese Bronzes’ 

– Asian Art in London 2020 –

We have great pleasure in presenting this small, select group of later Chinese bronzes during ‘Asian Art in London 2020’. Spanning the Song through Qing dynasties, this group is the product of many years of collecting as each has their own character and story.

During this challenging time for the world we pause to look back through pieces drawn from different periods of post-archaic Chinese history and hope these simple yet vigorous examples of bronze craftsmanship provide a little respite for the viewer.

This November we hope to welcome our friends from the collector, dealer and auction worlds and look forward to 2021 with renewed hope for a happier, healthier and more tolerant world.

Richard Littleton
James Hennessy
Mark Slaats

View the PDF catalogue here: ‘Later Chinese Bronzes’


Opening Hours:

29th October – 6th November

Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00
Sat 31st Oct 12.00-18.00
Sun 1st Nov 12.00-20.00