‘Celebrating 20 years of excellence’

‘Asian Art In London brings together over sixty of the world’s top dealers, major auction houses and museums for an annual ten-day celebration of the finest Asian art.’

We are excited to be part of this prestigious event again this year.

Blue-glazed reclining buffalo - Susan Chen Collection

A blue-glazed reclining buffalo (Tang Dynasty, 8th century)
Dimensions: 18.5 cm wide, 12 cm high

Provenance: Sze Yuan Tang Collection


We will be exhibiting various Chinese works of art, including ‘Sancai’ pieces from the important ‘Sze Yuan Tang Collection’.

For exhibition hours, please click here.

Late Night Opening: Sunday, 5 November


三彩 – 思源堂藏

我们将在我们的伦敦艺廊展出各式中国艺术品, 其中包括著名的”思源堂藏“等收藏。


展览日期: 2016年11月3日至11日